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Please be patient...right now we are revising this site. So today it looks a bit cluttered and under construction. We are 100% in business and have groups going to Copper Canyon every two weeks or so. Call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email for info--thanks!

Copper Canyon Train

The heart of the Copper Canyon experience is the CHEPE train. Taking over 100 years to complete, this 400 mile railway streches its way through 86 tunnels and over 37 bridges.

More on the train... 

When to go to Copper Canyon?

Every season in the Sierra Madres has its positives...and we take tours on the Copper Canyon train every month of the year. Click below for more info on the features of each season in the canyons.

Best season for Copper Canyon? 

Copper Canyon FAQs

We know and love this amazing place and can get your questions answered on everything from cell service (don't count on it) to safety (yes it is probably more safe than where you are right now). Just click below for ino or call Dave at 217.369.9897.

Copper Canyon Answers 

Dave Hensleigh…and your ACC guide team.

Dave Hensleigh is a traveler. His passion for Copper Canyon runs deep, and his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the area will enrich your experience there. Dave’s graduate work was in Biology and he has spent much of his life exploring and guiding in the Rockies and Sierras. He loves to garden and cook- especially the cuisine of the Sierra Madres. Dave has assembled a team of expert local Mexican guides and providers who will serve you on your Chihuahua journey. Groups are always kept small and this team of local guides makes for a truly personalized and informed Copper Canyon experience.

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Answer to the question everyone asks…

Yes the Copper Canyon area is safe. There have been zero incidents with tourists in the Copper Canyon area. We stay far away from effected areas and have every confidence that your trip will be safe...and very enjoyable! See this blog article for a more complete discussion -

Friends of Copper Canyon

We are making a difference in the lives of people in Copper Canyon through this not for profit. Our focus is sustainable projects and education. One example is the Copper Canyon Chicken Project. This initiative supplies much needed young chicks to the depleted chicken coops of the Sierra Madre homes. Contact us to contribute.

People just love our trips...

After every trip we receive photos, cool memories, and gushing comments about the trip and our guides. Words like "perfect", "beyond what I expected", "best ever", and "lifechanging" are common. Join us in Copper Canyon (or one of our other backroads Mexico destinations) and make your own memory.