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Do you need travel insurance?

Recent Conde Nast Traveler Article

Do you really need travel insurance for Mexico?

Conde Nast Traveler had a blip last month on the value of trip insurance. I found it valuable and then found this article on travel insurance to be very informative.

People often come on our trips and feel like the extra $120 or so for such insurance is just a waste. But the possibilities for interruption, need for evacuation, and/or medical care there are several. Our team will go to bat for you if you encounter a problem…but that does not mean we are going to pay for it. We always have a plan B if there is a delay, but it may cost you.

My Advice

So my advice is, buy it and put your mind at ease. Buy good travel insurance from Travel Guard or Berkshire Hathaway or some such company and be done with it. Be sure it includes all the features in the Conde Nast article…including some medical.

Carlos Vega, my doctor friend at his clinic in Temoris.

Just to note: our experience with medical care in the canyons area is that it is very good and not expensive. I hear rumors about gringos getting ripped off in resort areas by opportunistic doctors and clinics. I actually have my dental and doctor care done in Chihuahua and have had excellent and inexpensive care on every hand.

The basics

Be sure your travel insurance covers:

1.Medical- $3-5 K will be fine

2.Evacuation including in the case of death.

3. Interuption

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