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Bird Watching in El Fuerte

Bird Watching on the Rio Fuerte is featured in a new video from a recent Authentic Copper Canyon trip. This is an amazing way to spend a morning. First of all the river is placid and quiet. Then you begin to see a bird here and onother there- actually I usually doin’t see them but Rafael or Chico quietly points them out. So its wonderful…skimming along the little riffles and spotting all these colorful birds.

Chico chatting about birds along the Rio Fuerte

We often float down the river in the early morning from the little village of Ocolome. The Ocolome Indians are a small tribe that did not survive the Spanish as well as the Tarahumaras up in the Copper Canyon area.

Chico Villasenor is our mainstay guide and trip support person there in El Fuerte. He and his family have been guiding there in the area for 30 years and I always learn something new when we are out on the river with him.

Sometimes we go in kayaks- they are easy to rent there in El Fuerte (Tres Amigos).

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