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Born to Run, the Tarahumaras Really Run!

The best selling book from Christopher Mcdougall last year brought this unknown tribe to world attention. Born to Run was a huge and quality introduction to not only the running prowess of the Tarahumara (Raramuri) Indians, but also to their culture and ways as well.

On our trips to Copper Canyon, we overlap with these folks alot, and they are mysterious…

Young Raramuri woman in the trail in Copper Canyon

They are such great folks…though at times they are very quiet and unassuming. Like when we approach a Tarahumara house we stay back a ways until someone welcomes us in…they just don’t like to be walked in on. One place we often stay is at Bertha’s place in Cusarare. Its not at all fancy and it gives a real taste of life in a 3 generation Tarahumara family.

Bertha with one of her grandaughters in Cusarare

You canwatch a video of Berthas Place from JP Blanchard here.

Many of the little towns have a Tarahumara school. We recently stopped into this one in Cuiteco…Cuiteco is one of those delightful little places that gringos rarely visit. The area is dotted with Tarahumara homes and farms.

Dave with the kids in Cuiteco- by Eric Mohl of Trans Americas Journey

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