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Our guests see one of the most amazing places in the world…yet they always return from Copper Canyon saying that it was the people who made their experience.

Off the beaten path in Copper Canyon

Train Tours in Copper Canyon There is a plethora of “canned tours” of Copper Canyon and we often see them herding people along their one day on the train and gringo food type of quick trips through this majestic places. What we do is totally different. Values From day 1, the Authentic Copper Canyon approach […]

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Dave and the Authentic Copper Canyon Experience

Recently I was sitting on CHEPE with a Blue Corn Express guest having a cup of coffee. He began talking about what we do on our trips…

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Our Team in Copper Canyon: The Jovial Alberto Lopez

A phone conversation with Alberto Lopez. I was on the phone last night with Alberto Lopez. He was in his home/lodge on the square in the tiny town of Cerocahui. I was all hot to trot about telling him of our arrival there in a few days with our first culinary trip, “The Blue Corn […]

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What do we mean, “Authentic”?

Authentic? Authentic is according to “not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique”. I used the word authentic as the first word in the name of this company because I wanted people to experience the true Copper Canyon with all the culture, history, people, and places. I wanted them to be there…not just […]

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Our Lodges in Copper Canyon: Noritari

I love food and little neat places that are out of the way enchant me. So Norítari is a favorite of mine… and of our guests as well. It sits up in the pines above the little town of San Juanito in one of the highest altitude places we visit on the Copper Canyon train trip. […]

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Rafael with Medicinal Plant Brazil Tree

Another medical plant remedy from “The Birdman of Ocolome“. Here Rafael gives us a remedy for nerves, explaining that you make a tea to drink from the leaves to settle things down.

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Our Team in Copper Canyon: Carlos Vega

I was on CHEPE one day headed for El Fuerte when in the cafe car I met a portly affable Mexican named Carlos Vega. One cannot help but be befriended by this guy and he soon volunteered to do some shopping for me for a certain necklace at the upcoming Divisadero market. He explained in […]

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Tiny Copper Canyon towns no one overnights in: Cusarare

Cusárare is one of those places that some people visit but very few experience overnight. This is a Tarahumara town and the local culture is awash in the distant Indian ways. People speak but are quiet and reserved. Colors are brilliant. Kids are smiley. We often visit this little village and usually stay overnight. Very […]

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Celso at Don Cuco Sotol

Celso Jaquez and his family are the 4th generation at their hacianda near Janos (north of Copper Canyon) to be distilling sotol under the name “Don Cuco“. Most people are not familiar with sotol, but it is truly THE drink of Chihuahua, being made from the sotol plants that grow in this high desert. As […]

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Rafael with a Medicinal Plant for Toothache

Rafael (an Ocolome Indian) is a walking encyclopedia of medicinal plants. He has one for every need. While birdwatching on the river near El Fuerte, he often spots a plants of medicinal value. In this case he is explaining to us that the vinorama tree leaves can be use as a toothache remedy. Just crush up […]

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