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Dave Hensleigh has assembled a team of the best guides on the planet and they work together to give you the best in Copper Canyon trips.

One of the best hotels in Copper Canyon

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Jilo and 500 Pesos

I drop by Jilo Mancinas’  little hovel of a house in Areponapuchi. The front area serves as a garden, grazing area for Jilos ponies and parking for his beat up little pickup. Jesinia comes to the door. The pure beauty of this little girl flows. She and her sister Daniela live here with there parents. […]

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This Solitary Gringo Will Walk Across Juarez

Is it safe for tourists in Mexico now? Well our experience is that it is and while there are concerns, even northern Mexico is much safer than other tourist destinations people use now- such as South Africa and Beliz. Still during this period, Europeans, Australians, Canadians and of course Mexicans are traveling extemsively in the […]

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Walk Across Juarez

  Walk Across What??? Juarez seems to be the LAST place any sane person would chose to even go to, let alone walk across. Most people assume that my body will end up filled with bullets, decapitated, and hung from some bridge with a scrawled cartel note tied to it. But the actual situation and […]

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Personal Tours to Copper Canyon

Personal Guide to Copper Canyon: Yes…we offer private trips to Copper Canyon and will work with you every step of the way to plan you trip to fit with your interests. There is so much to see and experience- not just the Copper Canyon train. This is an excellent way to make the most of […]

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Dave Hensleigh, @CopperCanyonGuy

Dave loves this place…plain and simple.

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