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Category Archives: Our trips are excellent…just ask our guests

Time after time, Authentic Copper Canyon guests affirm that our small group experiences there are excellent- just the right mix of local culture, the train, spontaneity, and fun!

What is the Copper Canyon trip like?

First of all, we really don’t do tours. We do many Copper Canyon tours for people annually—but we don’t really think of them as tours. What I mean is that a “tour” is more of a canned deal –more like a commodity. What we do is more of a personal experience for you that gets […]

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Another Blue Corn Express and a great recipe!

Just returned from another of our culinary trips through Copper Canyon. this one was a great success–here is a comment I just got: Hi Dave I’m still on cloud nine.What a fabulous trip.The people and all the experiences were truly memorable.You and Gustavo make a great team.Can,t wait till next Feb and Pueblo. Marianne That […]

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One more enthusiastic Copper Canyon traveler

Once more we made our way into the wonderlands of Chihuahua on the Copper Canyon train, this time with 10 writers, bloggers, travel experts, and tour operators. And once more we return with 110% satisfaction and enthusiasm. It happens every time. Sophie Brabenec (shown above at the Samalayucca sand dunes south of Juarez) was so […]

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Only the beginning…

Back from Copper Canyon Just back from another safe and fascinating trip to Copper Canyon, I was sitting this morning in the cafe of an El Paso hotel gobbling down some breakfast. From the muzak-like  speakers over head came the strains of that old CTA song, “Only the Beginning” and it took me back to […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Travel the Copper Canyon Train

This great place awaits curious travelers now …and what a joy it is to be able to introduce our guests to its wonders: 1. Copper Canyon is so huge. 2. The Rarámuri or Tarahumara– the indigenous people. 3. The train through Copper Canyon– CHEPE. 4. The little towns – the heart of rural Chihuahua. 5. […]

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Bucket List Destinations

Most people who love to travel and are over 40 have some sort of “Bucket List” . It may be on paper and carefully considered and prioritized. Or it may be informally tucked in the back of the brain and drawn up in an odd moment for a bit of cerebral pleasure. I am finding […]

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