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Category Archives: Why go to Copper Canyon?

Copper Canyon and the Sierra Madres are one of the few places in Mexico and the world that still deliver that old world charm and hospitality.

See Copper Canyon by Train this Spring

No better time to see Copper Canyon–March or April are perfect. The train runs every day. The weather is moderate. The canyons shine.

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Top Three Things to See in Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon Train                                         The Barefoot Running Tarahumara                       The View From Divisadero

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The Birth of the Margarita- Safely

I travel all over Chihuahua as we treat people to our Copper Canyon train trips. Having studied and experienced he various ways of getting in and out of Copper Canyon I have opted out of other options companies use to save money or fill their own hotels. The best way is in and out of […]

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Only the beginning…

Back from Copper Canyon Just back from another safe and fascinating trip to Copper Canyon, I was sitting this morning in the cafe of an El Paso hotel gobbling down some breakfast. From the muzak-like  speakers over head came the strains of that old CTA song, “Only the Beginning” and it took me back to […]

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Copper Canyon Train…One of the World’s Best

CHEPE It is an acronym for the train and has come to be the common nickname for the Copper Canyon train. As it stretches its dual iron strings through the Sierra Madre it is considered to be in the top seven railways on the planet. Many who take into account the rich cultural pathway it […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Travel the Copper Canyon Train

This great place awaits curious travelers now …and what a joy it is to be able to introduce our guests to its wonders: 1. Copper Canyon is so huge. 2. The Rarámuri or Tarahumara– the indigenous people. 3. The train through Copper Canyon– CHEPE. 4. The little towns – the heart of rural Chihuahua. 5. […]

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