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Contray to popular belief, not all canyons were created equal.

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The cliffs, the gorges, the forests, the people of Copper Canyon…incomparable!

Dave at Grand Canyon in the Fall...of of his favorite places.

Now, don’t get me wrong- that canyon in Arizona is beyond belief.

In my view it is fully deserving of all the crowds, the grand photos and books, the soul sweeping symphony, and so much more. I sat there at Grand Canyon transfixed at sunrise, mid-day, and evening. Amid the chatter of Japanese and the slurred French, I sat with moist eyes as that place slowly turned every color it could.

So, I am a Grand Canyon fan.

But get me right. In my view those Chihuahua gorges they call Copper Canyon is well deserving of  the moniker “The greatest place the world has never heard of”.

Copper Canyon is…hmmm, why does every word in my basket seem so trite right now?

It seems so pointless to compare the two or to point out that Copper Canyon is “deeper and bigger”. The vary in so many ways and each is beyond belief. There are several points in which Copper has, in my view, the edge.


CHEPE, the Copper train stretches some 400 miles right through Copper Canyon and is not a tourist train.

There are some 140,000 of these "Born to Run" Tarahumaras and their culture permeates the canyons.

The little towns of Copper (here the Tarahumara village of Cusarare) soak you with the genuine gracious culture of old Mexico.

The local food in the canyons is ...well let the picture speak- one of our guests sampling "agua chile", more shrimp than you can finish.

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