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Copper Canyon Gondola


The new Copper Canyon gondola below the cliffs near Piedra Volada

Copper Canyon gondola:

The new Adventure Park at Piedra Volada near Divisadero in Copper Canyon is now open and functioning. The centerpeice of this development is the gondola (or teleferico in Spanish). I have ridden on it several times going down to the saddle and back with guests over the past few months…and yes, it is amazing. 

The view looking west midway down on the Copper Canyon gondola.

Canyon views:

The views from the gondola are astounding…especially for those who have hiked to remote areas over the years and have only seen these views after hours of hiking. Here you can see the mirador Hotel (orange building on the cliff) as well as the Mansion Tarahumara (white building to its left). 

Looking down from the gondola onto Tarahumara land.

The gondola cars:

With all the glass you can look almost staight down from the gondola cars onto Tarahumara land…including their homes, fields, and areas where goats and cattle are herded. 

St the bottomm of the gondola, you can hire Tarahumara guides to take you down to the village of  Bacajipare for $80 pesos. Here they have put together a little museum. The walk gives a unique view of the canyon area and a bit of an experience in a Tarahumara village. 

The Copper Canyon gondola looking south toward the saddle...the lower station.

Price and schedule: 

The gondola runs every half hour unless it is a busy day…then it runs a bit more often.

You can pruchase tickets at the new store…soon to be a restaurant snack bar. There are also restrooms and basic snacks for sale in this building. Also T-shirts and other printed souveniers are for sale.

The gondola costs $300 pesos and credit cards can usually be used.

One cool part of this upper building is the open deck over the canyon and the glass floor area looking down on part of the climbing wall area.

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