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Contact Info     Welcome! This site is full of current info on our small group Mexico trips--including Copper Canyon, Oaxaca for day of the Dead, wine trips , monarchs and more. If you have a question or need help on trips, contact Dave today at 217.369.9897 or davehensleigh@gmail.com.

Copper Canyon Books   arrow

Here are some great books to read before or after your Copper Canyon trip:

In the Sierra Madre, Jeff Biggers–a great book about life in the village of Cusarare near Creel. History, Tarahumara culture and canyon lore fill this valuable book


Mexican Spanish, Lonely Planet Phrasebooks–This little book will get you there. Good for local terms and expressions.


Tarahumara: Where Night is the Day of the Moon, Bernard Fontana–This book includes tons of info on ways of the Raramuri as well as photos.


The California Native Copper Canyon Companion–Lee and his team at California Native have put together a valuable (be it dated a bit) resource for the Sierras.


Born to Run– This well written bestseller by Chris McDougall tells the story of the barefoot running Tarahumara and especially for people on our Copper Canyon Running Tour is a must read. It may be a bit sensational and perhaps miss the essence of Raramuri culture at spots, but it is well done and a great resource.


Mexico from Lonely Planet– This is a fine overview of the area and gives good emphasis to the Tarahumara and the little villages. Luke Watterson did a fine job of writing on this great guidebook.