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Contact Info     Welcome! This site is full of current info on our small group Mexico trips--including Copper Canyon, Oaxaca for day of the Dead, wine trips , monarchs and more. If you have a question or need help on trips, contact Dave today at 217.369.9897 or davehensleigh@gmail.com.

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Real experiences and scenes from our learning based experiences on the train in Copper Canyon….plus a few from other excellent videographers.

 -The new “Blue Corn Express” culinary trip to Copper Canyon…the first of its kind in the Sierra Madres.

-Birdwatching along the Rio Fuerte- We often take off in the morning when in El Fuerte to catch the seasonal birds along the river. In this video, you see and hear the large population of herons, cranes, etc near the petro glyphs.

-CHEPE rolling into the Station at Temoris- It is so cool when the train arrives out in the middle of nowhere- especially here at at Temoris with its Yosemite-like setting- including a huge waterfall!

-Berthas Place at Cusarare- Another quality video from JP Blanchard- you gotta love Berthas place!

-The Mighty Waterfall at Cusarare- Speaking of Yosemite, this place is rarely visited and one of the truly peaceful places in Copper Canyon. I was speechless.

Some of the hotels and inns we use in Copper:

The historic San Felipe el Real in Chihuahua City…elegant and charming.

The popular ranchito Cabanas Diaz at Areponapuchi…real Mexico.

The quiet Restaurante Jade on the plaza in Cerocahui…oh the food!

-Morning at Berthas in Cusarare- This little home stead always gives us a good taste of Tarahumara life.

-San Felipe el Real developer, Santiago Gil Belda…in his own words.

More Copper videos…

-The Train Whooshing Into Areponapuchi- For train lovers, you have to ride these rails through the Sierra Madres.

-Cabanas Diaz, The Little Ranchito- This is what you will expereince on on of our learning based experiences in Copper Canyon.

-New Arial Tramway Construction- They are building a huge 60 person gondola near Piedra Volada and here is a recent view- “They paved over paradise and put up a parking lot” is what the old song said.


-Sunrise Over Copper Canyon- Peaceful light spreads over this gigantic gorge

-Bison at the Vast Ranco Uno near Janos- This place is off the charts amazing- 40,000acres of open grassland smack in the middle of the Chihuahua desert. Birds, bison, big sky…wow!

-Juan Quezada and Mata Ortiz- This artist gave an amazing interview- he just rambled on about the history of this incredible pottery.

-The train, the sand, the romance…

-Bus Music in Chihuahua- This guy is so bad, but you have to love the initiative. This is one reason I like to ride the buses in the Sierra Madres.

-Norteno Brass Music in El Fuerte- You have to have an ear for this blaring onslaught- you could hear it 5 blocks away.

-The Birdman of Ocolome- Medicinal Plants- Rafael is an amazing guy. He knows every bird on the planet. Here he explains the uses for various plants.

-CHEPE in Copper Canyon- This is one of the most amazing spots along the 400 mile journey- actually at the foot of Copper Canyon.

-The 180 Bridge at Temoris- One of the 87 or so bridges along this fantastic journey- a giant sweeping 180 turn.

-Tarahumara Woman Weaving- You see this often- baskets woven out of pine needles and sotol leaves. You can even hear the train approach in the background.

-The GAGA View Near Divisadero- This place is beyond description- but look quick- there will be a tramway right there soon- and the worlds longest zipline!

-CHEPE- the Copper Canyon Train- This is what it is really like…a mecca for train lovers.

-The Bar Car on CHEPE- First class train has a nice sit down car with a bar- relaxing.

-Adobe Brick Production- This is part one…

-Adobe Part Two-

More videos to come…or just go to coppercanyondave on youtube.