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Train Culture   arrow

The Bar Car on CHEPE, Copper Canyon

There is a deep romance on this train as it rolls through Copper Canyon.

There is a reason they make movies about trains- they are romantic, always seem to carry a story, and they take you to places often out of the way.

The CHEPE tracks stretch their way through one of the world's great destinations, Copper Canyon

The Copper canyon train has its characters. The old guy who takes your pic with an antiquated camera and turns it into a key chain in a few minutes. The macho steward Daniel- I caution my female guests about him. The cowboys…and of course the zany Horacio..

Horacio gets on and off the train (lives in Bahuichivo) and sells newspapers, burritos- and enlivens the scene.

Kids are a big part of train culture…

Playing hide and seek between the cars on the Copper canyon train.

Rolling along through cowboy country...

Copper Canyon is the home of the cowboy.