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Copper Canyon Train Trips Just Announced

And yes, it is safe to travel to Copper Canyon.

Our Classic trip is a small group learning based trip on the world renowned Copper Canyon train. This 8 day excursion is a full immersion into the rich culture and geography of the enchanting Sierra Madres featuring the Tarahumaras and Mennonites, the delicious food, an emphasis on local places, the amazing new gondola and ziplines, Mata Ortiz and the Paquime ruins and much more.

These are planned trips from Authentic Copper Canyon for 2011…we can plan your individualized experience for you on almost any date…small group trips for families, travel clubs, etc. are our specialty! 

September 1-8 – The Blue Corn Express – Our delicious culinary trip through the reaches of Copper and the incredible railway… with an emphasis on food!

September 9-17 – Classic train trip- This is such a beautiful time of year to experience Copper because it cames at the end of the rainy season. The whole environment is green, apples are on the trees, the pines glisten, and the waterfalls flow.

NOTE: Servive trip to Casas Grandes to work with an important project putting cement floors into dirt floor homes- Date is Oct 24 to 30 and cost is just $695. Has a possible Copper Canyon add on from Oct 29-Nov 2. Call Dave at 217.369.9897 right away for details.

October 28-Nov 4 – Classic train trip…and this is a wonderful season to be in the Sierras- some think it the best.

November 14-21 Classic train trip

December 21-28 – 8 days in Copper during the special Christmas season.

December 28- Jan 4 – New Years in Copper Canyon…it’s a train trip and it’s a party Mexico style!

January 16-23, 2012 – Classic train trip

February 20-27- Classic train trip

Other trips can be scheduled at almost any time in the year and personalized for individual trips or small groups. Call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email for info.

A full list of excursions will be posted soon for each month in 2012.

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