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Copper Canyon train…will it last?

There is talk around about this fine old Mexican institution becoming history. If it does, what a loss. Miles and miles of wonder… 

CHEPE rolls through Copper Canyon daily.

People depend on this train for one thing, It is THE way to get through the Sierra Madres…no matter how much the roads are improved over the years. Locals, including the Tarahumaras, us it to get up and down the mountain valleys. business people ride the rails to and from Chihuahua City. And of course there is regular tourist travel on the lines. 

There is nothing like relaxing on the train as it rolls through the Sierras.

 Actually for years there has been talk of the demise of the train. For now, there are daily departures both ways from Chihuahua City and Los Mochis at 6a for the Primera and every other day (not Wednesday) for the Economica. Freight trains run both ways almost daily.

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