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Copper Canyon Trip…only $1,340!

Usually our Copper Canyon train trips are 10 days long. But here is one that is a full eight days and includes a full immersion in all the sites and culture of Copper Canyon…and it keeps the price low by leaving and returning to El Paso.

Call Dav today at 217.369.9897 or email for details.

Here is the itinerary:

Copper Canyon Trip- APR2912

April 29-May 6, 2012

Apr 29- Arrive in El Paso. The airport is a good place to get pesos. Use the Travelex near the spot where you turn right to go to the baggage area. Meet our van and we head for Santa Teresa NM (20 minutes) to cross into Mexico. We are off toward the big apple- Chihuahua City. Dinner together and perhaps an evening view of the gigantic cathedral in the central plaza. We check into the historic boutique hotel, the San Felipe el Real. Stroll the historic district and the vast market.

The journey– We get an introduction to Norteño food as we travel south through the high elevation of the Chihuahua Desert. Burritos and other delicious street foods will be ours to choose from in the little towns north of Chihuahua.

Chihuahua City- This bustling hub for commerce has its roots as a mining and ranching center. Several fascinating museums (including the Pancho Villa home) gather around the towering 1700s cathedral. The food here is a bit eclectic and reflects the melting pot that Chihuahua has become.

Apr 30– Up early and off to San Juanito by train through Mennonite country. Winding our way into the Sierra Madre, we drop into several little villages and then arrive at the relaxing wooded Noritari near San Juanito- a unique cabin style solar hotel with a gourmet cook. A great night to enjoy dinner, chat with the chef, and take a stroll along the stream through the mountains.

Noritari– This unique 80 hectare site is dotted with cabins with fireplaces, private baths, solar lighting- the nearby stream flows and the pines whisper.

May 1– We will relax or take a hike and breakfast. Then board the train late morning and head through the mountains to Cerocahui and the little San Isidro lodge

Cerocahui– This quiet little town sits in a beautiful valley and is a great place to overnight. We will stay above town nearer to the majestic Gallego overlook.

May 2- A morning jaunt to Gallego to see the great chasm. Then board the train headed northeast for Areponapuchi (Posada Barrancas station). We arrive at this tiny town and a local lodge- above the canyon- Mansion Tarahumara. Dinner, relax as well as perhaps watch the sunset over the vast reaches of Copper Canyon. “Arepo”as we call it, is officially “nowhere Mexico”. The area around Arepo gives us a good long look at Copper Canyon, and we have plenty of time to look around.
Areponapuchi– Just call it Arepo and don’t expect the big city. This tiny place sits near the rim of some of the best views of Copper Canyon. The new gondola and ziplines are a scenic thrill, and you can walk or ride horses in and around the great canyon. Also a good place to pick up local souvenirs.Horses are available here- huge views!

May 3– All day to enjoy ziplines, gondola, hiking, etc….and relax!

May 4 – Sunrise at the edge of Copper anyone? Breakfast and a walk down through a Tarahumara cave dwelling. Some last views of the canyon, then we catch our van to head for Casas Grandes As the evening cools a walk through the ancient Indian ruins at Paquime. Our home this evening is the lovely hacienda, Casa de Nopal.

Casas Grandes– Right on the edge of Casas are the Paquime Indian archaeological ruins- a UNESCO World Heritage site- and nearby is the tiny village of Mata Ortiz. The pottery from this area is very special and known around the world for its intricacy and character.

Food in the Casas area- This is the high desert area and truly ranch country. We will eat at an historic hacienda and savor the local restaurants.

Mar 5 – Plenty of time to explore the Paquime ruins, Mata Ortiz pottery, etc. If your flight is early tomorrow- head to El Paso late afternoon

Mar 6- If your flight is after 2p, head up to El Paso this morning

  • Price for this trip is $1,340 USD per person.

  • This includes all guides, transport, food, and hotels in Mexico except your visa, 4 meals, gondola and zipline, and alcohol. I will supply an overview of expected personal expenses.

  • Deposit is $500 per  person.

  • Payable to TopTrips, 514 South Edwin, Champaign, Il 61821.

This will be a fun trip!!!


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