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Copper Canyon Zip Line…WOW!!!

This new zip line system just opened in Copper Canyon, Mexico.

Training the crew for the new zip line in December, 2010.

The new zip line system in Copper Canyon starts with this run across a side valley.

Last year we translated promotional piece for the Chihauhua Tourism Board related to developments in the Divisadero area. When the description of the new zip lines came up, I simply could not believe it- huge and longer and higher than any zip line I had ever seen.

One of the crew arrives at the bottom end of the Copper Canyon zip line.

There are seven stages and they are high…like not treetop high but soaring 500- 1000 ft up high.

The trained crew can give a hand if you happen to come up a bit short at the end of a run.

The seven stages have a bit of a hike in between and at two points you traverse by a swinging bridge- hooked in of course.

Zipping into the bottom station.

Each stage has two parallel lines so you can go in pairs.

The equipment is new and appears to be top quality.

The whole experience takes about two hours, starting at 9a and 1p. The cost is about $50 USD. Tickets are available at the main building at the edge at the top of the gondola and it is usually possible to use a credit card.

As with any adventure experience, you go through the safety checklist before taking off.

The whole system ands at the bottom of the new gondola and that is how you return to the top. On slower days the gondola goes about every half hour 8-5p.

Our guests say this whole zip line experience is excellent and gives a huge view of the canyons.

8 Responses so far.

  1. Dustin says:

    This was one of the best times of my life.

  2. Roberto says:

    This circuit is amazing and not expensive considering all the stations.
    Will do it again any time!

  3. Caro says:

    What a experience… I felt like flying to the sky!! It worth the effort and every single coin you spend to be there. The views from the zip lines and the feeling of the wind against your body along the trip are not descriptible. You must live it!

  4. Yes…I have had people say they feel younger after flying through this amazing set of seven ziplines..so cool!

  5. […] my recent favorites was a zipline adventure that included a walk on suspension bridges to cross the Copper Canyon (an area four times the size of the Grand Canyon). The adventure is located just south of the […]

  6. Bud Shrum says:

    May, 2013. Awesome. Very safe with professional guides. Suspension bridges are pretty thrilling also. Highlight of trip. Would definitely recommend doing it.

  7. Yes–they have done a good job with the whole system. This zipline/gondola is often a highlight of our trips to Copper Canyon.

  8. margareta says:

    I went on this zipline in September, 2013, and thought it was amazing. So far, I might have set an age record; I am 77. I am ready to come back and do it again.

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