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Copper Canyon

What is Copper Canyon?

It is actually several vast canyons which sprawl over the Sierra Madres in northern Mexico. These gorges are more widespread and at several points deeper than our Grand Canyon. The Copper Canyon train (CHEPE) stretches through the heart of this romantic country. CHEPE is cited as one of the world’s great railroads. The area is enchanting…filled with colonial architecture, old world Mexico cordiality, and the fascinating Tarahumara Indian culture,

Each Copper Canyon train trip

…is a week-long, excursion by bus and train into the magnificent Copper Canyon of Mexico. Participants will experience Mexican culture, history, and local people, not to mention the fantastic topography and scenery of the Sierra Madres.

About Authentic Copper Canyon:

Our purpose is to provide a genuine “real Mexico” experience for you that will enrich your life and the lives of our friends in Mexico.

We accomplish this by keeping our groups small and being sure your trip is excellent and in touch with the culture and customs of the Copper Canyon area. We take you to real Mexico…and our trademark is to walk the streets, experience the land, and truly appreciate the Sierra Madre vibe.

We value spontaneity, fun, and the enrichment of all involved.

Each of our adventures will be safe, well-planned, memorable, and most of all an authentic experience.

What are the trips like?

A typical day includes 2-4 hours rolling along on the train, some time to explore at our destination, and always something memorable…like visiting a Tarahumara village, taking a short hike to a beautiful vista point overlooking the canyon, exploring a genuine Mexican market, etc.

The train is fun…you can lean out the window and gawk at the knock-out views or hang out in the dining car and try your Spanish or relax in your seat and visit or whatever!

Copper Canyon is actually several canyons and it is huge- more vast and deeper than our Grand Canyon. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

The hotels are off the beaten path and yet safe, clean, and they all have hot water. The food is wonderful and the drinkable water is available everywhere.

One thing to note is that since our groups are small, trips can be altered to fit the interests and experience of the group. Itineraries are not guaranteed.

What are the benefits of experiencing one of these train trips?

There are huge opportunities for photography and exploring the back roads of rural Mexico. You will learn history and lore of the romantic Sierra Madres. Cultural lessons abound as we are immersed in the Tarahumara areas next door to old colonial Mexico. The trip includes lots of delicious local cuisine. The train is a technological and historical wonder passing through 86 tunnels and crossing 37 bridges.

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