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Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, 2014


Here is the final itin for our Day of the Dead trip to Oaxaca Oct 29- Nov 5, 2014. For pricing and other info on the trip contact Dave Hensleigh at 217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail.com.

Oaxaca Day of the Dead
October   29- November 5, 2014
From   Authentic Mexico Travel
Date Overnight City Hotel Included Meals Activities Notes
Oct 29, Wednesday Oaxaca Hostal   de Noria 951.501.5400 D Arrive   in Oaxaca City (OAX). Welcome! Time to get settled, get acquainted with each   other as well as with the lovely central plaza nearby. Be sure and get you   arrival info to Dave and look for the “AuthenticMexicoTravel” sign   at the airport. You have the   option of arriving Oct 26 in Mexico City and experiencing Puebla City for two   days. You would transfer by van to Oaxaca City with your guide. Contact Dave   for info on this add on.
Oct   30, Thursday Oaxaca Hostal   de Noria B,L,D This   morning we will visit the vast Monte Alban ruins west of town. Then in the   afternoon we will stroll the Santo Domingo market back in Oaxaca City and get   a good introduction to the Day of the Dead culture, afterlife beliefs,   ancestor worship, as well as some of the crafts that go along with the   celebration. Monte Alban is   the ancient Zapotec capital that sits on a hill just west of town. It   commands a panoramic view and was first occupied around 500 BC. The market   will be buzzing as people from Oaxaca and surrounding villages come to buy   food, flowers, candles- all in preparation for Day of the Dead celebrations.
Oct   31, Friday Oaxaca Hostal de Noria B Lots   of free time during the day to take in local sights- churches, museums, etc   as you like. You may want to rest up for the night ahead. In the evening   various options all night to take in various processions, graveyard watches.   At 2am there is the option to travel to nearby Santa Maria Atzompa to take in   this small town cemetery ritual. 8pm is the   procession honoring Our Lady of the Rosary starting at Santo Domingo. Then at   midnight to nearby Xoxocotlan for a velan (where locals stay at decorated   graves to receive the souls of the dead and dine with them). Then to Atzompa   at 2am.
Nov 1,   Saturday Huyapam Hotel Huayapam Yú’ú Spa   951.540.8068 B,D The   morning is free to sleep late and relax. Then we travel to nearby Etla   villages to take in the afternoon traditional parades called comparsas. Then   we are back to the market where we will buy our supplies to make our own   altars. Then we are off to the country where we will build our altar. We will buy   flowers, sugar skulls,candles, etc in the big Central de Abastos market. This   is where most locals buy their supplies as well.
Nov 2,   Sunday Huayapam Hotel   Huayapam Yú’ú Spa B,D This   morning we have a cooking class and learn how the locals make tamales and   other foods. Then in the afternoon we will see some local homes and the   altars that locals have built and perhaps visit some local graveyards as   well. This small town   of about 350 will give a close look at local customs – we will taste some   unique foods and perhaps even the local brew. The nearby giant tree at Tule   is a mysterious and historic giant.
Nov 3,   Monday Oaxaca Parador   San Miguel  951.514.9331 B,D A   morning option to travel to the pristine area near the waterfall at Ixtepeji   and experience some prime jungle areas. Then in the afternoon we travel to   one of the flower towns south of Oaxaca –and an area where there is   chocolate that Oaxaca is famous for! Then back to Oaxaca City for the   evening. The humid   climate in this area makes for perfect flower production. There are also   local chocolate shops-a Oaxacan specialty!
Nov   4, Tuesday Oaxaca Parador   San Miguel B,D Day   trip to the east of Oaxaca to towns where the intricate natural dyed wool   carpets are produced, areas of small Mezcal factories, and the archaeological   site of Mitla and perhaps Yagul. Along the way the cemeteries will be   splashed with the colors of 1000s of Day of the Dead decorations. You may opt to   relax for the day and take in more of Oaxaca City. Mitla was once known as   “Place of the Dead”. This site is known for its intricate   stonework. Be sure to grab some mezcal to share at our final dinner tonight!
Nov   5, Wednesday B Today   we fly home from Oaxaca (OAX)–be sure to communicate your arrival and   departure info to Dave. There is the   option to stay for extra days in Oaxaca.
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