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First Culinary Trip to Copper Canyon… Delicious!

Celso at Don Cuco Sotol showing us sotol and blue agave (tequila) plants.

Breakfast salad at Sol's kitchen at Noritari.

The first ever culinary trip to the Copper Canyon area went off a few weeks ago and was a huge success. We made our first stop at Don Cuco sotol near Janos and got the royal tour, a grand lunch around the table in the family hacienda, and had the chance to pick up some of this delicious liquor. Then we made our way down to San Juanito and ate like kings from the kitchen of Chef Sol at Noritari.

After some tamale making and delicious agua chile in the Cerocahui area, we spent two days feasting in the enchanting El Fuerte. The back to Lolas and the grand views in the Arepo area, some fine dishes as we overlooked Chihuahua City and home- wow, what a culinary experience!!!

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