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Going Down – Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico (Part 4)

Gondola construction at the saddle on the descent into Copper...this is discussed more in the Trans Americas blog.

Eric and Karen of Trans Americas Journey are not only great journalists, they are tough and eager hikers. They proved it on this descent into Copper on arguably one of the toughest trails I have seen. Here is their account…

“Honestly, this trail was one of the hardest we’ve ever done, not because it was any steeper or any longer than other canyon hikes. Actually, it was much shorter than the Grand Canyon. What wore us out was the quality of the trail. Much of the hike required total focus just to stay balanced and upright as we hiked down steep inclines that were covered with 4″ of sliding round rocks and gravel then strewn with ankle-twisting mini-boulders. At times it was like walking down a slide covered with ball bearings and volleyballs.”

So begins part 4 of this epic journey through the off the path areas of Copper Canyon…read the whole story here. You will enjoy The vivid writing as well as Eric’s stunning pics.

It was quite a journey…

Sunrise as we came out of Copper

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