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Health Care in Mexico

Is Our Health Care System Really Superior ?

Ok…yes, I am one of those “uninsurable” people and my wife and I (card carrying boomers) have some concerns about our situation. But these comments are just up-close observations and my in vivo experiences in Mexico recently. You see I hear people go on about how wonderful our doctors and hospitals and clinics are here in the US- to the point where one thinks that in other countries things are really inferior. I have had a number of personal experiences around Chihuahua that would convince me that there are some very positive if not superior qualities to the medical- and dental scene south of “la fronterra”.

A Recent Doctor and Hospital Experience

I hosted a group on our Copper Canyon train experience in January and we had a grand time- food, immense scenery, gracious people- the usual for the Sierra Madres.

Then on the last day, one in our group tripped and fell- just entering the Pancho Villa Home/museum in Chihuahua City- breaking her leg. ( She is fine now and because of what you read below, considers her trip to be a great memory, regardless of the fall.)

I thought “aaaaaaah….noooooo” because it was the last day of our trip and this is the LAST thing I want to happen to one of our guests. What happened over the next 36 hours was a real lesson in what we have lost in our US system of dealing with emergency needs- and it was a vivid display of the gracious and generous spirit of the Mexican people.

From Laying on the Ground to Getting Back to Tulsa

I will not bore you with all the details- but here is the bottom line. My wife had a major fall here in the USseveral weeks after this incident with my guest in Chihuahua. She required orthopedic surgery and our experience has been less than impressive. Actually on every aspect of both experiences, the Mexicans win hands down.

I will detail and discuss this in the next few blogs

It is just amazing- the service, the quality of care, the cost, the result- everything was better in Chihuahua. And this is not an isolated incident. I have had several personal encounters and personal experiences with Mexican medicine and  lifetime of ours here- and I want to discuss it fully.

Perhaps you have a comment about either county’s healthcare….

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