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Healthcare in Mexico- Part 5- The walk in clinic

They call it a clinico- and there is a new one in El Fuerte. Now let me say first that I love this town and have many friends there.

One is the barber, the hotel people, the little lady we often eat wuth and her family, guys at the market and more. The plaza there is so placid…even during the Judas dancing of Holy Week.

Semana Santa in El Fuerte

So right behind where I am standing there, they just opened a clinic you can walk in to. It is public and you cann get standard tests there- like simple blood sugar or everything you need for a physical. You can get and eye exam and glasses. They do dialysis and other common proceedures people need. It is like a generic lab.

It is easy and it is cheap- reasonably priced. So they have commodotised simple medical needs and middle class and poor people can afford it.

So what is wrong with this? Why do these same services including eyecare cost ten times or more in the US?

Help me here.

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  1. dave says:

    Hi. An interesting point about the commoditization of medical care. Because I don’t know how that El Fuerte clinic is supported, it is hard to say why it is so cheap, but perhaps low labor costs, low malpractice costs, and low insurance costs. In the U.S. high litigation costs, high lawyer fees, high doctor fees, high insurance fees, high cost of drugs and medical devices, and high cost of hospital stays make for high medical costs to patients. And, unfortunately, things are probably never going to change.

    Are you familiar with the Liga clinic in El Fuerte around the corner from the Hotel La Choza? These Americans fly into El Fuerte around the first Friday of the month and see hundreds of patients. They also have a clinic is San Blas (where I volunteer) and one in El Carrizo as well.

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