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How to Get Cash in Copper Canyon

Sometimes in the remote areas of Copper Canyon, it can be hard to change your dollars for pesos.  Also, the ATMs are almost non-existent in many areas.  Here are some pointers:

1.  The El Paso airport has a Travelex and though the rates is never good, in daytime hours, it is a reliable place to change money.

2.  Get pesos before you come.  This way, you don’t have to be concerned.  For a 7-8 day Authentic Copper Canyon Train Trip, I recommend $300-600 US dollars for our guests.  This is based on all expenses paid except for 4 meals, the zipline, gondola, souvenirs, and tips. Here is our expected expense sheet

3.  There are ATMs at Villa Ahumada, Chihuahua City, Cuauhtemoc, San Juanito, Creel, El Fuerte, and Los Mochis.

4.  Many times, you can use dollars or euros.  If you want to try this, be sure to have low denomination bills.  One important note is that almost all Mata Ortiz potters take dollars.

Also, some of the hotels take credit cards.  For example, San Felipe el Real in Chihuahua City, Hotel Tarahumara Inn in Cuauhtemoc, Mansion Tarahumara in Areonopuchi, and Corintios Hotel in Los Mochis all accept credit cards.

5.  Money and the Copper Canyon Train.  Prices for the train are posted on the CHEPE site.  They take pesos and sometimes, dollars are possible, but no credit cards.  Unless you get on at either end (Los Mochis or Chihuahua City), you board the train and pay the  conductor.

Of course, with Authentic Copper Canyon trips, your train fare is included.

CHEPE at Posada Barrancas

You can pay on the train as you board at various stops in Copper Canyon


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