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How to pack for Copper Canyon

Basics to bring for your Copper Canyon Train Trip:

It is important to travel light as you will be getting off and on the train and walking some with your luggage. I suggest a small duffel or roller and a fanny pack. You may be responsible to get your gear on and off the train at times, so travel light. You will want to bring the following:

-Passport and ID…and—very important—bring a copy of the picture page of you passport and give to your guide at the beginning of the trip


-Money and credit card (be sure to let your credit card company know you may be using it in Mexico…also don’t depend on your credit card for cash in Mexico). ATMs are a decent source for pesos.


-Basic clothing including something for rain protection- especially in July and August. Keep things light and simple


-For shoes I usually bring my most comfortable walking shoes and some flips


-hat if you want one


-personal hygiene items and medications


-small flashlight


-camera and batteries


-you do not need to bring a sleeping bag or towels


-early fall and late spring are warm and the winter months can be chilly at night- bring a long sleeve for any time of year and a sweater and shell layer for Fall through Spring.


-small insect repellant and sunscreen


-water bottle if you want- we will have water bottles available- bring it empty on the plane and fill it there


-diary and pen


-ear plugs or whatever if you sleep light- often in small Mexican towns there are roosters, dogs, etc that may keep you awake.

Important note for people on Authentic Copper Canyon trips: Put my US cell- 217.369.9897 and my Mex cell 614.228.5008 in a safe place with you. Contact me right away if you have a flight delay or any problem. In an emergency here are two backup numbers- 217.552.0700/ 217.954.0630


Great book to have for this and future Mexico trips: “The People’s Guide to Mexico” by Carl Franz. Get a current edition and enjoy it. Read it before you come and bring it if you are willing to lug it around. Carl emphasizes FUN which is big part of Mexican culture …and we are going to have lots of fun on this trip!

The Lonely Planet phrase book, “Mexican Spanish” is a great one to have if you want to keep up with what the locals are saying.

I suggest you walk each day for a month before the trip. This is not a trekking trip. Still we will be on our feet a lot each day and you will enjoy it more if you are ready physically.

Oh and did I already mention to travel light?

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