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I don’t guarantee itineraries for Copper Canyon trips

I don’t gaurantee itineraries.

I always tell people that I don’t guarantee itineraries; rather I expend all I have to deliver an experience that will change your life… if you let it.

Gaudy Raramuri clothing in Cusarare…one of the little known towns in Copper Canyon.

This unnerves some tourists as well as some companies that cater mainly to tourists. But for travelers they usaully get the message quite clearly. They like the idea that their journey through the wonders of Copper Canyon with our team will be a bit serendipitous and may even vary a bit from the original itinerary.

So why do we do this? The answer is simple. As a trip goes along, things of interest pop up- like a festival or party, a thunderstorm or whatever. We want to have the flex to take an event in if it crosses our path.
How does this work with a group? From day 1 with our small groups on the Copper Canyon train, our team is oriented to listen and understand the interests of each person. The group is encouraged to get connected and to be a part of every decision along the way. So we don’t just change things willy nilly. We work and flex with the group to be sure that each person ends up with more of an experience on the Copper Canyon train than they expected. People go home enthusiastic every time.
So how do people know what they are getting in a trip? We have basic itineraries – the best in the business. They are designed to maximize each traveler to all there is to see in Copper Canyon and the area. Fir instance we usually include Casas Grandes and the Mata Ortiz pottery wonder. we also often take our groups out through Baja- especially in winter. We usually discourage Los Mochis arrivals. Many group use this as a starting point and our take is that this just raises the price and lessens the experience.
How do we handle this flex deal in real life? We find out what people want before the trip begins. We keep the groups small. We encourage our guide team to be ready to flex things.
We invite you to be a part of one of our upcoming Copper Canyon train trips!

In Todos Santos, Baja there is plenty of time to take in the beach and the local art scene.

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