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In our experience, the itinerary is not what you remember (2)

People come back from Copper Canyon with a vivid memory of the foods- especially from our “Blue Corn Express”.

It is the food!

The foods in Copper Canyon- including the infamous "Agua Chile" in Urique, drawing a gasp from one of our guests in this pic- are fantastic.

The food scene in the Sierra Madres is varied and unique. There are several cultures shoulder to shoulder in the Sierra Madres- the Mexican population, the Tarahumara Indians, the Mennonites- and this makes for variety of delicious options there.

Pepper production north of the canyons makes for close by sources for this vital ingredient

Central northern Mexico- this “Norteño” area-  is largely undeveloped by most standards and still has the flavor of old cowboy days. The pace is slow, the people are friendly and the rugged nature of the desert and mountain areas is reflected in the culture- especially in the food.

One of the August and September time is fresh mushrooms from the pine woods.

The slow food approach to cooking is the way it is along the train in Copper Canyon. Most of the places we use raise their food or buy it locally.

Armando Diaz in Arepo with blue corn from his fields...soon to be tortillas!

Our approach with The Blue Corn Express is to take you to the places where the food is real, the people are involved, and your memory will be vivid! 

The premier culinary trip to the majestic Copper Canyon...coming next in April, 2011!

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