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In our experience, the itinerary is not what you remember (3)

One of our guests comments on his experience in Copper Canyon.

It is that certain moment at a certain place that takes your soul away…

People come from all over to travel to Copper Canyon with my team…from the US, Canada, Europe…even Australia! They come knowing a bit of the wonder they will encounter. They know the train through Copper Canyon is amazing, they know the Tarahumara Indians are a mystery, they have an interest in the Mennonites in Chihuahua. But almost everyone at some time on the trip is in a spot that just makes the trip- one of those moments that takes your souls away. Here are a few examples.

We sat in absolute awe on this August morning….the green, the distant roaring Urique River…the immensity and silence.

This moment above Urique in August was a lasting memory for all of us.

The Copper Canyon waterfalls often cause us to slow our itinerary…like Yosemite.

One morning we all were captivated by this little waterfall above Cuiteco.

 One morning we heard some people on the street in Cerocahui- it was a funeral procession headed for the graveyard on the west side of town. The body of one of the old gentlemen from town was in a blue velvet covered casket in the back of an old pickup followed by some 300 mourners. The Elvis casket was lowered into the hole, prayers said, a makeshift cross stabbed in the ground …a vivid memory.

A silent funeral procession in Cerocahui.

Often the kids are what stick in the hearts of people. There is always a game of hide and seek or tag going on as CHEPE rolls through paradise. This little girl. Dania. sell pastries with her Grandmother as the train pauses at San Rafael. She is a buddy of mine, and of several of our guests.

Wouldn't you buy some cookies from this angel?

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