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In our experience, the itinerary is not what you remember (1)

Tarahumara woman weaving a basjet in Areponapuchi as a groupito watches…listen for her Raramuri lingo.

You remember the people.

You can plan a train ride, but you can’t plan the personal interactions and impressions that make for a truly life enriching travel experience.

The Tarahumaras are so memorable, the only Indians to truly survive the sweep of the Spanish up through Mexcio. They are the poster children for what not to wear…

The Tarahumara women love these bright prints...knock your eyes out. These skirts are drying on a fence beside the stream in Cusarare.

In the church at Cusarare.

They have fashioned all kinds of simple musical instruments… like instruments you have never heard and that make all kinds of sounds.

Young Tarahumara woman on a distant trail below Divisadero.

 And you remember the intense, distant countenance of these people…a look that goes way through you.

You remember their silent, relaxed, settled, ancient stare.

Miguel selling vegetables from his burro in Areponapuchi.

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