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Is Copper Canyon Mexico safe for travel?

This question is the most common and important question I get about our tours to this majestic place. The answer is YES it is safe…and of course certain guidelines for travel are prudent as with travel to any city or remote area in the US.

I have recently visited with three well- informed experts from the Chihuahua area about this issue.

Spencer and Emalie MacCallum

1. Spencer MacCallum , long time resident of Casas Grandes and the initiator behind the Mata Ortiz pottery phenomenon affrimed to me strongly as we visited last week that there just have not been substantiated incidents involving tourists in the area. Note this artice on his website http://www.mataortizcalendar.com/traveling%20to%20the%20village.html

2. Rosalva Delgado and I visited in her office in Chihuahua City last week. Rosalva is director of tourism for the railway in Copper, CHEPE. She also affirmed that the real situation is fine and that the hype about border incidents involving the army and the drug gangs has not affected security in the tourist areas.

3. My friend Gary Ziegler of Adventure Specialists takes people on horse expeditions to Copper Canyon (as well as other incredible destinations worldwide). We visited at his 9000 ft ranch in Colorado last week. His take on the situation based on over 30 years experience in the area is that we are fine to travel there and that basic precautions that one would take in any foreign country are in order.

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  1. […] 1. Yes, Mexico and Copper Canyon is safe for travel…listen to those who live there day by day, like Spencer MacCallum…and to people who guide there often like me- and my team of Copper Canyon experts. […]

  2. Smitty says:

    I will be traveling to the Copper Canyon on my motorcycle around the end of November. I plan to ride from Creel to Batopilas, then Urique and out the sout to Tubares, Choix, El Furte and down to the coast. I will be riding in some remot areas an am concerned about the current situation there. I found the following comments on this web site: http://authenticcoppercanyon.com/2010/08/23/is-copper-canyon-mexico-safe-for-travel/
    Can you comment on the veracity of the following observation?
    In the more remote and rugged canyonlands hiring a local guide is strongly recommended as the landscape and climate are harsh and unforgiving of errors. In addition this is an area of drug cultivation, and unaccompanied American tourists (usually groups of motorcyclists) have disappeared in the past, presumably killed by narcotics traffickers. The area south of Batopilas towards Durango is an especially intense zone of narco activity.

    Thank you,

  3. doreen says:

    We are thinking of arriving at the canyon about Jan. 25th and wondering where to park Rv and is it secure and also the cost of parking the RV. Where do you recommend leaving from? thanks for any help “Doreen

  4. We think the Copper Canyon is a unique travel destination, and is safe for tourists. We just wrote about it. Please check it out:


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