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Is Mexico Safe?

Yes, yes, yes- Mexico is safe!

One more article on travel in Mexico just came out from someone who has actually been there- this time from one of the writers I recently took through Chihuahua. We had a group of writers, bloggers, tour providers, and travel professionals on a seven day journey in through Juarez, down through the Copper Canyon region and out through Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz. Josh Keefe of www.FlashPackerGuy.com was on the journey- actually he was linked to Jason Batansky of www.unfinishedman.com on this one. Anyway, Josh wrote a great article on his experiences in Juarez and here are some blips from it.

Resurrection in Juarez

“All statistics aside, Juàrez hardly feels like the most dangerous city in the world, nor does it feel like a particularly dangerous city at all

This is so true–the feel of Juarez is not of a place where we as travelers are in danger. And actually the stats bear this out. I have researched this extensively and am not aware of a single incident involving tourists in Chihuahua. The army and federale presence is not like it was. The actual numbers of violent incidents with the unrest there is down by 75% so far this year. Businesses are open and thriving and the city is positive.

You are welcome in Juarez

“People seem universally certain that the drug violence is over, that everything is getting better, and that the only thing lagging behind is public perception. They want Americans to come again…”

Josh and the whole group truly experienced the hospitality of the people of Juarez. We were celebrated, fed, shown all around and befriended.

Nightlife in Juarez

“The Kentucky Club seemed more than surviving. It was thriving, and so was I as I happily smoked cigarettes inside and enjoyed margaritas and the ubiquitous “Juàrez is safe now” pitches fed to me by Mexican girls with beautiful accents and beautiful curves. The place was packed by the time I got a ride back to the hotel. As far as I could tell, Kentucky Club , like Juàrez, itself, is back.”

Josh Keefe is Mr. “FlashPacker” guy and his quotes above give first had info on Juarez right now. Follow him on twitter —@FlashpackerGuy. Or Josh Keefe @1UnfinishedMan.


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