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Its Halftime, Chihuahua!

Those of us committed to seeing Chihuahua and Copper Canyon emerge from this incredibly difficult time could take a lesson from Detroit. Don’t give up.

The slumping economy, swine flu, the perception of danger, and now the drought and starvation issues have all been tough.

But the Copper Canyon train still rolls, the little towns still smile with hospitality, and this resilient land and people go on.

I look forward to a great 2012 in the Sierra Madres and we expect to double our numbers for our Copper Canyon train tours.

The sun still rises over this Sierra Madre paradise- this shot taken from my hotel room!

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  1. RAEchel says:

    DAVE reading this brought tears to my eyes and I feel it’s true. Doing my part from faraway – I so appreciated coming across this as I write my/our story. Gracias for the wave of emotion that swept through me – someday I hope I get to run into you again in Creel, or in Casas. Te vaya bien ; )

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