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Lonely Planet Mexico

Lonely PlanetI travel all over Mexico and people probably think that with my experience,  I would be self led. Now granted I do thrive on just striking out across some unknown place south of the border, and I love to just stick my nose into a market or café. And I would rather GO to a place than read about it. And the serendipity in our Copper Canyon and Authentic Mexico Travel trips comes from my style.

But reality is that I use the Lonely Planet guidebook for Mexico all the time. Granted its too heavy for me, I don’t always agree with what is written in it, it seems to feature some of the well travelled gringo spots at the expense of some of the truly authentic Mexican haunts. Still it has great value and I use it all the time.

One of the true strengths of this tome is the generous amount of space given to Mexico City. There is info on numerous parts of town. There is excellent mapping. There is helpful info on transportation including detailed lists of how to get in and out from all locations. As a Mexico City guidebook, it is tops.

So I recommend this one and of course the Lonely Planet website as well.

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