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Lost Luggage

The airline lost my luggage

This has to be one of the main fears and irritations of leisure travel. Even if the issue is delayed luggage, it can wreck your trip. Our Copper Canyon trips usually arrive at the El Paso airport and fly often from the Cabo (SJD) airport. We get great service at these spots, but still it can–and has –happen when you have a group traveling and it delays things at a time when all in the group are eager to make their way toward the Copper Canyon train for the big journey through the Sierras.

Travel and Leisure featured an article on this issue in the most recent print edition and it does an excellent job of summarizing our rights with the airlines and exactly what to do when your bags don’t show up on the carousel.

What to do when your bags don’t arrive

Here are some pointers from the T and L issue (along with some of my notes) to help prevent this issue:

  • Fly direct–it may not be possible but it prevents one transfer of your bags
  • Put and ID both inside and outside your bag. I have an old beater bag I use now and then and I just wrote my contact info on it with a marker–including email
  • Buy or make your bag distinctive. Like a big tag or ribbon
  • Buy luggage insurance. Some travel insurance includes this and I have written elsewhere about how and why I recommend travel insurance-especially for medical and evacuation coverage

One note on airports

I think it is worth noting that Amanda Ebner wrote this article and her “bag that was lost” issue happened at the Denver airport. For a number of reasons I have always considered DEN to be one of the least intuitive, least convenient, and least traveler friendly airports on the planet. My bags never get lost or delayed. But yes. The last time I flew in and out of Denver it was not only confusing and time consuming, but when I arrived there were no bags. So another point to the wise: avoid the Denver airport.

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