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Marathon in Juarez- I ran it!

Go to http://www.facebook.com/maratongnj and you can see me run by at about 27 seconds in my white Authentic Copper Canyon shirt with my friend Sergio Madero right behind me.

Yes Juarez in changing

I was in Juarez a few weeks ago with a gorup of writers and bloggers- a cool bunch and good sports too. Our objective was to show them that Chihuahua and Copper Canyon are not just miraculous but also safe for travel as well. The group included Sam Baerg of Sam’s Tours  , Ann Griffith of Frosh Travel in Ft Collins, Juan Luna of George Washington University, Ana Sofia Diaz of the Mexico Tourism Board in NYC (@MexicoTB), Sophie Brabenec from LA Splash Magazine, Josh Keene from Unfinished Man, Craig Zabransky of Stay Adventurous fame, Matt Karston of Expert Vagabond , Joey Parr and others.

Like Juarez is really changing

I can’t believe the change in just one year. I was there in August , 2011 for my “Walk Across Juarez” and the difference from then to now is amazing. More life, more businesses open, more positive vibe. And one more important fact that we never hear in the US.

While there was little or no danger for US visitors to Juarez during the worst of the gang violence, even that trouble is way down. It has been sliding down the past 24 months and in the first 8 months of this year, violence among the gangs is down 74%. It is on target to be down 90% in one year by years end.

My speculation is that now Juarez is safer for non-gang people than is its sister city El Paso. I certainly feel safer there. Yea really.

We really enjoyed Juarez

Our Copper Canyon trips usually do not include a stop in Juarez- it freaks people out if we do. Our typical route in is through Santa Teresa or to fly into Chihuahua City or Baja. But we truly miss something when we leave Juarez out. There is food, history, night life and hospitality beyond belief. One of my favorite hotels is the Best Western in Pronaf and our gracious host there Lorenzo has a team that delivers the finest in cleanliness, service, delicious food,and all we expect of our hotels on Copper Canyon trips. The whole Pronaf area is very secure and has been through all the problems and the hotel is very safe.

Actually one interesting note that in all of our trips, the only place we have had vandalism problems has been in El Paso- never in Juarez or anywhere else in Chihuahua.

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