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Mata Ortiz Potters…Gerardo Mora

North of Copper Canyon, the town of Mata Ortiz is filled with potters…they call it “The Mata Ortiz Pottery Phenomenon”. You can actually get a vivid description of this on the video of the same name produced by The American Museum of Ceramic Art. This wonderful video includes footage of Mata Ortiz, interviews with Spencer MacCallum, and much more.

One of them slipped quietly in the door of the Sandoval house as we were buying some pots and her work really caught my eye.

Gerardo Mora with her pots.

Her name is Gerardo Mora, she is pleasant and unassuming,¬†and her work is very well done and reasonably priced. I particularly liked her smaller pots…very precise and smooth. The little doubled-knecked wedding pot shown with the group above was so well done. The color of the larger snake pot to her right was a reflection of the Casas Grandes environment in the “spring ” months of March through May. The simplicity of this piece was enchanting. You will see more of her work on our site in the days to come.

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