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My 3 Golden Rules for Travel in Copper Canyon

It all started with Wendy Perrin

Recently I read and excellent Wendy Perrin article in Conde Nast Traveler entitled “My 25 Golden Rules of Travel”. It was an excellent compendium of her vast experience in the travel industry.

As I read it I thought of how much her points relate to trips to Copper Canyon and it inspired me to share my top three gleanings on how to get the most from a tour through Copper Canyon.

#1: Time it right

People often try to hurry this trip. So they will figure that 3 or 4 days will do it in the Sierra Madres. I would recommend at least 7 days and most of our trips there are 9-10 days. The length depends a bit if you are flying into Chihuahua or staring in El Paso.

Some travelers assume that Los Mochius is the best starting point. This assumption is driven by hotels and sites that own property on that end. I would say that El Paso/Chihuahua City is better for most trips since tha air connections are so much bettter and also since there is so much to see and experience on this end- Chihuahua, Mata Ortiz, Paquime, etc.

People always ask about the time of year. Let me make these observations for those who are interested in the culture and life of the canyons:

  • Holy Week is often assumed to be a good time to go. It can be. However I find the Indian “celebrations” to be a bit contrived and this time period id usually a bit crowded
  • Some assume that summertime is not a good time. I like July and August alot- good water in the falls and usually a refreshing shower almost each day
  • The only month I usually don’t do trips is June- both hot and dry. The holiday season can be quite nice.

#2: Find the right human beings

An excellent guide can make all the difference in the world. This is not an expensive place to travel to. So guided trips are not high dollar usually. The place is so vast and so non-resortish that having and insider along really helps to deepn the experince.

So many of the trips that are offered are quicky trips with large groups. For slightly more you can fully experience Copper Canyon and its wonders.

#3: Relax and take it in

Copper Canyon is so vast, so different from other parts of Mexico, and so welcoming. You are well advised to take the time to walk the little streets, hang out the window of the Copper Canyon train, and enjoy the food.

Don’t just visit Copper Canyon. Experience it.

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