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No Artificial Ingredients

Copper Canyon guide

Alfredo Murillo…high above Copper Canyon. This guy is the fave of many of our Copper Canyon guests.

















I sat down with some folks who are headed to Copper Canyon with us in Phoenix the other day. I was there seeing family, so we met for a few minutes over breakfast in Scottsdale.

These travelers are Mexico lovers and travel extensively around the world. They were thrilled to find an outfit like Authentic Mexico Travel to put together the details of a “no artificial ingredients” trip through the majestic Copper Canyon.

We talked over options, I introduced them to the guide by photo and stories, and we made sure that their flights in and out will work with train schedule etc.

Some of their details are:

-Lechuguilla and stool—would like to taste and see how it is made

-Runners—Victor Churro (from “Born to Run”)and the younger guys at Porochi— may want to read “Born to Run” before you come.

-The old hunting guide- Chico Villasenor in El Fuerte- maybe go out with him hunting or fishing with Sergio his son? (698) 106-3146

– Lunch with Lola Mancinas—discada on the rim—or dinner at her place in Aerepo–this lady is one of the best home cooks in the canyons

– Antigua Paz Bar—very interested in the old place in Chihuahua City–it is the oldest bar in Chihuahua

-Meal at the Terrazas building restaurant along O’Campo- it is called La Casona and it is fabulous

Besides these special things, they will hike to the bottom of the canyon, zip line over vast gorges, bounce from one window to the other in the heart of the train ride, sit on an enchanting small town plaza and much more.

I like that phrase “No Artificial Ingredients”…it makes for a life changing trip.


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