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No gaurd rail-no gaurd anything! (Part 5)

The duo from Trans Americas Journey have done it again- this time a vivid description of the journey 1000s have taken but few have described so well.

The journey down to Batopilas- here is a snippet:

People talk about the drive down to the town of Batopilas deep in the Copper Canyon as a “white knuckle” trip invoking phrases like “death road” as their eyes widen. This is because of the narrow and bumpy condition of the steep and mostly-dirt road that descends 6,000 feet in six miles–and because of the conspicuous lack of guard rails (or guard anything) between you and the sheer drop-offs into the abyss that exist all along the way.

Of course, we had to do it.


Read it all at Death Drive (sort of) to Batopilas – Copper Canyon, Chihuahua, Mexico (Part 5)

Karen and Eric at Mirador.

I think they are in Beliz now…and the journey goes on!

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