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Ocho Cientos Sotol

Tonight I poured a little glass of this fine Sotol and took a walk. It was one of those March evenings in Illinois when you feel like it is Spring. Yet it is chilly and humid and cold and discouraging. But I was smiling inside, so a walk was in order at cloudy dusk.

No better beverage to sip as a I walked Clark Park in Champaign than that fine sotol from the people at Don Cuco Sotol called Ocho Cientos.

As I sipped I recalled those wonderful vast plains of the Chihuahua desert that flank that road that takes you to Janos in Chihuahua from every direction. I thought of Celso Jaquez and Emma–how they host our Authentic Copper Canyon groups as they come into the country on Copper Canyon trips. Great people. Great hospitality. Great sotol.

The bottle I poured from was actually purchased by one of our guests for me because I got separated from the group. This one is a new label they are using, Ocho Cientos Sotol(eight hundred) and it carries all the sweetness and smoke of their famous Don Cuco Reposada.

Here is what Nightclub and Bar said about Ocho Cientos as they named them to the “The Hottest New Spirit Sensations For 2014” list:

Ocho Cientos is handcrafted in Chihuahua, Mexico from the indigenous Sotol plant. After harvesting, the hearts of the plants are taken to the distillery where they are roasted in a 7-foot deep, rock lined pit oven, fermented and distilled in a traditional copper pot still. Ocho Cientos Blanco, 86 proof, is rested prior to bottling to allow its flavors to fully integrate. The result is an earthy, elegant and thoroughly engaging spirit.

The award winning Reposada at Don Cuco.

The award winning Reposada at Don Cuco.


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  1. Celso Jaquez says:

    It is always a pleasure to receive guest at Don Cuco’s Distillery in Historical Town of Janos and give them a tour of our artisanal product been distill to create the fines spirit in Chihuahua. Thank you Dave, for sharing and promoting Don Cuco and Sotol Ocho Cientos, best regards, Celso

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