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One of the best Copper Canyon trips ever!

Our vision is to consistently deliver Copper Canyon experiences that deeply connect people with this land and its people. Never has one of our experience soaked excursions been more of a success in this regard than one just ended. I am in Chihuahu Ciry waiting for my wife to arrive to celebrate the New Year here for 10 days and I am reflecting on this awesome trip just completed.

What made it so perfect?

-Planning: I worked with the group for hours before the trip to make sure the itinerary was just in line with their ineterests.

-Guides: My team here did their very best…Gustavo, Alfredo, Alma, Diana, Chal, Sol and all the crew busted it to give them an inside view of things here.

-Hotels and lodges: Hospitality and accommodations were excellent- like hot coffee at our doors early on a frosty morning at Noritari.

-A First Time: We traveled the new road from Batopilas to Urique- a first for any tour group ever- what a huge scenic experience- like being on top of the world!

I could go on and on.

And yes everyone felt secure and we were perfectly safe.

I look forward to many such journeys in 2012!

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