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Our Lodges in Copper Canyon: Noritari

I love food and little neat places that are out of the way enchant me. So Norítari is a favorite of mine… and of our guests as well. It sits up in the pines above the little town of San Juanito in one of the highest altitude places we visit on the Copper Canyon train trip.

The grounds at Noritari are arrayed with pottery and artwork and flowers of all kinds.


The cabins are cozy and well decorated. They have solar lighting and sit among the pines above the stream.


The food is creative and out of theis world. Sol the owner and chef is always coming up with dishes that make me ask “Que es ese?” and then leave me not caring what it is because to is sooooooo good. Elsewhere in this blog I have described her coffee…she even makes that thin milky Mexican oatmeal to die for.

Sol’s food motto: “Aroma and flavor. Period”

Sol at Noritari with her morning basket of fresh squash blossoms (Flor de calabacitas) which will probably end up in your eggs or soup or whatever.

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