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Our Team in Copper Canyon: Carlos Vega

The train approaching the Temoris staion near the town of Temoris, home of Dr. Carlos Vega.

Carlos Vega in a local home in Temoris. He has connected us to several local cooks who entertain us with their hearty foods.

I was on CHEPE one day headed for El Fuerte when in the cafe car I met a portly affable Mexican named Carlos Vega. One cannot help but be befriended by this guy and he soon volunteered to do some shopping for me for a certain necklace at the upcoming Divisadero market. He explained in an expletive laden string that he could buy it much cheaper than I could…being a Mexican.

Well a few minutes after we left Divis, I found him and sure enough he snagged a very nice hematite piece for under $5 USD.

To make a long story short, Carlos (Carlitos) has become a good friend and has really helped me in developing Temoris as a destination for our Authentic Copper Canyon train trips. Few groups- actually none that I know of go to this place. It is a cool place with great food and little hotels. We have the option there of walking down a scenic  trail to the station- very nice!

Turns out Carlos is a doctor and has had a little practice in Temoris for several years. He works out of a small clinic, carries a converted fishing tackle box with supplies, and often takes canned fruits or other foods in payment.

Carlos Vega at his clinic in Temoris.

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