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Our trips are AUTHENTIC

Copper Canyon trips that unforgettable

We have a set of values that drive all that we do. They are not just statements on a wall or points in a brochure. Rather they are the commitments we have that guide us in the planning and deciding and envisioning that goes into every journey we take to Copper Canyon. The canyons and the Copper Canyon train are enough to make any trip memorable. But we want you to fully experience the place and it’s people and our values guide that process.We want your journey to be unforgettable.

Our number one value

This company is called Authentic Copper Canyon for a reason. Authentic is our #1 value. We want all we do in the Sierra Madres to be an accurate reflection of the culture there. Beyond this we want to arrange every trip there intentionally so that each guest returns with a full soaking of the people, the food, the culture–and we want them to be telling others about these experiences.

How do we do “Authentic”

First of all we have spent a great deal of time there discovering the little places, the special local people, and the most vivid experiences. We also only have truly local guides on our team and we orient them toward discovery rather than reciting a monologue for our groups. Another factor is that our Copper Canyon trips have itineraries that maximize the place rather that just being good for our profit or convenience. Those itineraries vary according to the interests of the group. It would be much easier to be cookie cutter in our approach but our groups would miss so much that way.

Our team makes Authentic work

Yes we have the best and most carefully crafted itineraries of all the providers. Yes we flex to fit with your interests. Yes we have found the truly local places and we take you there. But it is really our team there that makes it work.

I don’t hire fast. I look for just the right people to be the guides on our CHEPE trips to Copper Canyon. They have to be fully aware of the place. They have to like it. They have to have a sense of humor and be fun to be with. The have to be a listener and remain flexible. They have to have good chemistry with me and my vision to provide this authentic style trip. They have to be very competent and knowledgeable- but at the same time not driven to talk, talk, talk all the time and be the center of attention.

Authentic means you are going to love it

Our guests return from Copper Canyon just raving about the place, our guides, and their experience on the trip. We run about 100% of our guests being 110% satisfied. The love it and gush out words like fantastic, memorable, amazing–it happens every trip.

Join one of our groups soon. Almost any season except the month of June works for travel to Copper Canyon.

All aboard!

Luggage at Bahuichivo Station

People love our "authentic" approach to Copper Canyon trips. Remember, travel light and you will be more able to get on and off the Copper Canyon train easily.


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  1. Marilyn Rahilly says:

    I am interested in a Copper Canyon tour in mid April or early May.
    I live in Virginia and will be traveling solo. Please provide tour dates, price, etc.

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