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Over the Border with Trans Americas

Last October I took Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl of Trans Americas Journey to Copper Canyon and their excellent blog articles are something I want you to enjoy. Here is the first of part 1:

“We’ve done it plenty of times but we still feel a twinge of uneasiness whenever we cross a border. The sense of being in a no-man’s land where the rules are not your own and they come in a language you barely understand (yes, our Spanish still sucks) is bound is to create some tension.

Before re-entering Mexico this time we picked up Dave Hensleigh from Authentic Copper Canyon (he’s in the midst of a serious web site upgrade so excuse the work in progress). Every month or so Dave runs custom tours of the Copper Canyon that get well below the surface so he’s been back and forth across the border more than most.

With an expert like Dave on hand we asked him which of the three crossing points from El Paso into Mexico we should choose and without hesitation he suggested…”

Go see the rest of it at http://trans-americas.com/blog/2009/10/

Watch for their articles in print in major newspapers soon.

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