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Personal Tours to Copper Canyon

People love our trips!

Personal Guide to Copper Canyon:

Yes…we offer private trips to Copper Canyon and will work with you every step of the way to plan you trip to fit with your interests. There is so much to see and experience- not just the Copper Canyon train. This is an excellent way to make the most of your vacation time – you don’t have to wait on a group or spend time doing what is on the itinerary. The trip plan is yours and the daily schedule is flexible.

What if I am a “Free Independent Traveler“?

Free independent travel is well supported by our team. Just call us and we will give you a hand.

When is the best time to go to Copper Canyon?

Any time of year works and each season has its positive aspects. Usually the only time of year we do not do Copper Canyon trips is June- it is both hot and dry during this time. Late summer is nice with refreshing rains and warm weather. The fall is a favorite with greenery everywhere and calm weather. I like winter there- the holidays are festive and of there is snow at high elevations it is special. Then spring brings nice weather and the apple blossoms pop in Mennonite areas.

How does pricing and planning work for a private tour of Copper Canyon?

We work together to plan a schedule that fits with your desires- Copper Canyon train trips can begin in El Paso, Phoenix, Tucson, Chihuahua City, Los Mochis, as well as other approaches to Copper Canyon, Mexico.

Pricing is actually quite reasonable. Typically our small group excursions with 4 or more people are about $1395 forĀ 8 days andĀ 7 nights. Personal tours for two will be about $2,000 each for the same time frame- depending of course on arrival place and the itin.

Who will my personal guide to Copper Canyon be?

Usually these personally escorted tours of Copper Canyon are led by one or more of our Mexico team. These folks are the cream of the crop in Copper Canyon guides and they do an excellent job of letting you discover the place to the fullest.

How to get started with a private tour of Copper Canyon:

Call Dave Hensleigh at 217.369.9897 today or email We can discuss options and get you started for your custom tour to Copper Canyon.

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