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Pottery Firing at Mata Ortiz

Pottery firing with an Authentic Copper Canyon group at the Casa de Nopal hotel in Casas Grandes.

Mata Ortiz pottery is so unique and captivating. Much of the cultural draw is in the fact that it is all produced by local, non-gallery townsfolk in the tiny village of Mata Ortiz, nearCasas Grandes. So you walk from house to house around town-Juan Quezada is realy the only one with a gallery- and get to know the potters as you shop.

I have been there many times with groups on our Copper Canyon tours and I never tire of the charm of this place.

Recently we arrive from the Sierra Madres (the end of a Copper Canyon train trip) and Diana Acosta arranged for a firing in the courtyard of the historic hacienda style Casa de Nopal owned by Spencer and Emi MacCallum. The potter was Kiko Marquez.

We watched enthralled as the wood was arranged- softwood mostly bark from local cottonwood trees. Inside was a wonderful little black pot. The fire burned for about 15- 20 minutes and then the fresh pot was uncovered- perfect!

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