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Spencer MacCallum and Mata Ortiz

Mata Ortiz and Spencer MacCallum

Spencer MacCallum addresses the gathered crowd at Paquime a few days ago. He was honored for his pioneering work at Mata Ortiz with the potters.












I am just back from Casas Grandes and Mata Ortiz. During our visit there Spencer MacCallum received a major award to recognize his pioneering work with Juan Quezada and the potters at Mata Ortiz. There will be more info from Ron Bridgeman on the Mata Ortiz Calendar site, but for the moment I will publish this press release–in delightfully Mexican English.

Chihuahua, Chih. October 25, 2014

GRANT AWARD “GUACAMAYA Paquimé” Anthropologist Spencer MacCallum TO LARGE HOMES

In an unprecedented way, yesterday delivering the medal “Macaw Paqumé” award from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) Chihuahua to a promoter of cultural heritage need to be exalted regional culture of Casas Grandes was performed.

On this first occasion, the award was received by anthropologist Spencer MacCallum, who through his work has successfully placed management of Mata Ortiz pottery among the most important works of folk art in the country, recognized and valued worldwide.

This took place within the festival program in Casas Grandes, an event that takes place in the Cultural Centre Paquimé during 23, 24 and 25 October.

Spencer MacCallum was born in 1931 in New York City, for 15 years and lives in the city of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, where he has done important work of rescue, research and dissemination of artistic and architectural heritage, through a thorough and systematic work.

In the late seventies, after tracking down the author of some pottery he had acquired in the neighboring state of New Mexico, discovered the talent of Juan Quezada Celado, who later thanks to your support, became the pioneer of Marta Ortiz potter revival, currently ranking as one of the most important artists nationwide.

Regarding the “Macaw Paquimé” Jorge Carrera, Chief INAH Chihuahua, described as a beautifully designed medal, “made by the hands of the master potters Spencer has both cultivated and promoted.”

Attendees, including potters of the region, close relatives, and many US citizens, standing ovation to the winner who visibly moved said: “It’s very difficult to hear the voice within us, but it’s important to hear what they are trying to tell us, need to pursue John pursued his dream and look what happened, “he said.

Anthropologist 83, is also working on a project for the conservation of the architectural heritage of the historic center of Casas Grandes restoring earthworks, and developed with the support of his wife Emalie, a workshop for Mennonite women to make and sell blankets quilting technique.

Daniela Acosta, director of the College of Bachelors of Nuevo Casas Grandes, in charge of narrating the career of Mr. Spencer for this recognition, said the time and history will be responsible to record their work, and thanks to him and Mata Ortiz pottery have put up the name of his people.

Regarding the “Miracle of Mata Ortiz,” as the inhabitants of this land called the revival of regional pottery, MacCallum said he was proud, and even disbelief that this movement has arisen due to its interest in art and creative talent . “The most important thing is to recognize the beauty in life,” he concluded.

The Festival in the Great Houses were first made ​​in the Paquimé Cultural Center, in coordination with the municipalities of Janos, Ascension, Galeana, Buenaventura, and Nuevo Casas Grandes Casas Grandes; and is part of the commemorative events for the 75th anniversary of the founding of INAH, and the 30 years of the delegation in Chihuahua.



thank you in advance dissemination of this information

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Paseo Bolivar 608, Col. Centro

tel. (614) 410 87 33 ext. 178014

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    I am writing a research paper on Mata Ortiz pottery. Is the video of Juan Quezada available for purchase? If so, how does one get it? Thank you. Susan Parker

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