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Standing Together – Tony Garza

Antonio Garza, former US Ambassador to Mexico.

Antonio Garza was recentlypublished in the commentary sections of major news papers, including The Austin American/Statesman.

Garza takes the bigger view of the economic ties between the two countries:

“I’ve long argued that our two nations today are more intertwined than ever before in our shared histories. Grow up along the border, as I have, and you understand the cultural, historical and economic connections better than most. Live anywhere in the U.S. or Mexico today, and you ought to hold an appreciation for why now, more than ever, the two countries must work together.

So, where will the United States stand as Mexico looks to its next 200 years?

Unfortunately, the rhetoric of late, charged by election-year politics and singed by the fires of the immigration debate, suggests something less than the solidarity I experienced standing along the border some 30-plus years ago.”

He underscores the need for cooperation in light of the current hostilities…something I fully concur with:

“Mexico faces real and significant institutional, security and economic challenges and, if left on its own, they most certainly cannot overcome them all. I am not naive: Their challenges are fueled by nascent institutions and endemic corruption, as much as U.S. demand for illicit drugs and the flow of arms south.”

Garza is optimistic, noting the increased investment by US companies and the annual growth rate of 7.9% in the Mexican economy:

“And, in spite of an almost daily dose of violence reported on by U.S. and Mexican media, Mexico’s resiliency in light of the global economic downturn is often overlooked, but no less remarkable. Mexico’s economy is expanding, and the country’s gross domestic product is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 7.5 percent, according to the median forecast of 21 economists surveyed by Bloomberg.”

The tone and facts of Garza’s piece are much more helpful to the situation that the inflamatory and reactionary rhetoric that crowds our media.

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