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Sunset Sunday from Stay Adventurous

Copper Canyon Trip

A few weeks ago I took several writers and bloggers as well as some tour professionals to Chihuahua and Copper Canyon to experience the place. They all had a grand time and saw not only the wonders of the place and its culture, but they cam away with the understanding that this area is safe for travel.

One of the writers along was Craig Zabransky of Stay Adventurous. I have known Craig for a coupe of years (we have this way of bumping into each other in places like New York and Veracruz). Anyway I have come to admire his love for travel, his excellent writing, and his ability to catch things on camera that many miss.

Sunset Sunday

One of Graig’s regular features is Sunset Sunday and recently he featured a shot he had captured in Copper Canyon. It is not uncommon for people to come back from Copper Canyon train trips with fantastic shots of the fading light over Copper Canyon. Craig caught a good one and featured it recently as he looked back on great sunsets from the past year.

Craig on Twitter

One thing to know about Craig is that he is an active tweeter. @stayadventurous is a good follow –especially if you want to keep up with Mexico travel. His monthly #mexchat is a great way to get in on the current buzz from Mexico travel pros.

Craig Zabransky seen here at the Samalayucca Dunes in Chihuahua. His "Sunset Sunday" is a regular feature of his Stay Adventurous site.

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